Discount Realty Florida, LLC

In addition to our low commission rates, DRF provides other services others simply can’t provide.  Many deals fall apart or go Back-On-Market (BOM) because most realtors have no understanding of what it takes to make sure your transaction is successful. They do not possess the construction knowledge required to solve the Home Inspection Repair Issues that most every Seller faces. No time-consuming Back-On-Market situations with DRF!

Fix-n-Sell Program – How would like to know what is going to happen before it happens? Any offer you get will allow the buyer to inspect your house for items that need to be repaired before they proceed with the survey, appraisal, and eventually the closing.  DRF inspects your home shortly after the Listing Agreement is signed. Our sister company, Martin Realty Advisors, LLC, is a licensed general contracting firm and we know how to locate these issues that will show up in a home inspection report and we get them addressed before any buyer’s home inspector is hired.  Taking care of these issues prior to a home inspection will save you money, time, and aggravation. Leaking faucets/hose bibs/sinks, missing caulk, full gutters, broken light switches/GFI receptacles, broken door locks, windows sashes, broken glass, flooring issues, double lugged electrical circuits in your panel, ac and ducting issues, or even pest control issues will never kill your deal with us.  Bigger problems including roofs and ac units need to be realistically addressed also because these are two of any Florida buyers’ biggest concerns. A buyer cannot get insurance, thus financing, with a 20-year-old roof.  We provide a detailed list of repairs you should make before any buyer’s inspector shows up and we can provide you with a proposal and projected costs to get this work done through our vast network of local contractors and our own in-house crew.  Often, provided you have ample equity, DRF can agree to postpone payment for these repairs until closing. No one provides these services, and I cannot stress the importance of this exclusive DRF program.

Sell-n-Buy Program – Any homeowner that lists their home with us to sell and wants us to assist them with the purchase of another home in Florida, can receive a credit of up to $2,000 at closing for allowing us the opportunity to represent them in the purchase of that new home. 

Our Florida General Contractor’s license allows us to handle any project big or small and even build you a house from the ground up. JR Martin, owner of DRF & MRA, has built and remodeled numerous homes, office buildings, industrial parks, and retail center buildouts for Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Jersey Mikes, Mattress Firms, and Pet’s Marts to name a few while working for developers in California and Florida over the past 25 years as an in-house senior project manager. JR has decades of experience in real estate development, property management, and acquisitions of every type.   MRA is a professional development company.  

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