Discount Realty Florida, LLC


The Fix-N-Sell Program

In some cases, where a home owner has ample equity in their home and wants to sell, but improvements need to be made to achieve the highest sales price, Discount Realty Florida may be willing to fund those improvements if the home owner does not have the cash to do so, until the house is sold when the listing is secured through Discount Realty Florida.

Whether the needed improvement be paint, a new air conditioning system or a new roof, Discount Realty Florida can hire the right local contractors to perform the work and then supervise those repairs under our contractor’s license. Many repairs can be made by our own in-house construction staff at very competitive prices. Ask us to evaluate your home to see if you qualify for this program.  If your situation qualifies for the Fix-n-Sell Program, we will provide you with a report stating what we believe should be done and what that would cost.