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The most important advice we can give a Buyer these days is to take matters into your own hands. Don’t let some agent be the only one to decide which houses you look at. That’s crazy! Search all the web sites such as, Zillow, and Trulia to develop a list of active properties for sale that you want your agent to show you. These days most all homes for sale and the due diligence info you need to check them out properly is on-line and right at your finger-tips. You really need to do your homework before you start touring and DRF can lead you through this process.

Potential buyers must also speak with a bank/lender and get pre-qualified for financing if you won’t be paying cash. Experienced Realtors will not show you properties unless you have a recently dated pre-qualification letter from a bank or proof of funds. Likewise, sellers don’t want anyone touring their homes unless those prospective buyers are screened and have been pre-qualified for financing in an amount that exceeds or is at least close to the asking price of the homes being shown to them. Inexperienced agents and buyers often ignore this pre-qualification process and waste everyone’s time looking at homes for sale they can’t even afford. Our #1 goal is to find you the perfect home that you can afford without wasting time and that takes a lot of input from you as a buyer.

The second most important advice we can give you is you must make sure you hire a professional broker/agent to represent you. The average agent has just a few years’ experience and just a few sales under their belts. Before you let some agent start showing you properties for sale, make them show you their sales over the last year. Inexperience leads to expensive mistakes!

If you choose Discount Realty Florida (DRF) to represent you when buying a home, you will be represented by JR Martin, the owner and registered real estate broker for DRF. JR obtained his sales license in 1986 and his broker’s license in 1995. He has represented individual buyer’s and professional investors in Florida and California for more than 20 years and has processed thousands of sales, leases, and trades on commercial, residential, and industrial properties. JR is also a fully Licensed Florida Certified General Contractor with more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industries. Most Buyer Agents do not have this type of experience or knowledge. He looks at structures much differently since he has purchased, built, flipped, leased, remodeled, and sold thousands of properties over the years. If issues are present, AND HE KNOWS WHERE TO LOOK, he will not hesitate to inform you. JR will negotiate your deal like it is his own and strive to not only find you the perfect home, but professionally and aggressively assist you in the purchase of a solid asset at the lowest possible price. Don’t hire some rookie agent to help you purchase the biggest investment in your life! Call JR and hire one of the most experienced agents in Citrus County.

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